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Our association is financed exclusively by contributions and donations, as we receive neither tax funds nor other public subsidies. Therefore, we are very much looking forward to your support.


The association is currently looking for a new premises to purchase to serve as the club house and temple. Your donation will support us in this endeavour.

Our bank details for donations:
Recipient: Thailändische Buddhisten e.V.
Sparkasse Langen-Seligenstadt
SORT CODE 506 521 24
Bank account 47112008
IBAN: DE24 5065 2124 0047 1120 08

If you pay income tax in Germany, you can of course obtain a donation receipt from us for the contributions and donations - including donations in kind - of a year for submission to your tax office.
To do so, please send us your full name and address as stated on your identity card or residence permit by email. In the case of married couples and civil partners with a joint tax return, the donation can also be claimed by the partner.
Of course, certificates can also be issued for businesses (e.g. Thai massage, restaurants) with details of the owner or to legal entities (company and company address).

Furthermore, you can support Thailändische Buddhisten e.V. by shopping on the internet. We are registered at This platform brings together more than 10,000 non-profit associations and about 1,900 online shops. Anyone who shops in a connected online shop (HanseMerkur, Bahn, etc.) can make a donation to us - at no extra cost and without registering. The online shop gives a share of the sales proceeds as a bonus to our association. To do so, first go to, select our association and then the online shop.
To install the gooding toolbar, simply click on the banner below and follow the further instructions:

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